Caution: Very Sharp Needles 

Always Store Needle in Foam Block

Parental Supervision Required

Make a Simple Spotted Owl

Scroll down for step-by-step photo tutorial

Beginner Tips:

Start with a simple project to get the idea down.

Decide to make a string of beads or hanging hearts or a simple creature (like a simple spotted owl... see below). 

Always keep the needle in the foam when not using, never set the needle down. 

Remember to not stab through the wool into the foam, the foam is to protect you, but you don’t need to stab down into it.  All the work of the needle is done at the tip.

Keep pulling the piece off the foam as it will stick to it if you don’t move it around.


Start a Simple Project:

Step 1:

roll wool into a tight ball shape


Step 2:

with the wool ball on the foam block, start stabbing with the tip of the needle


Step 3:  

roll the wool around on the foam and stab each side equally to create a firm ball


If you are Ready:

Step 4:

roll wool into shape you want to make (like arms, legs, ears, a head) and if you are doing arms/legs/ears make 2 the same at the same time so they will be about the same


Step 5:

attach the arms/legs/head to the ball you already made 


Step 6:

faces are difficult to make, check out ideas on line to see what looks fun and easy for you



Please contact me if you have any questions or need more supplies!

Use the contact page on this website or 'like' us on Facebook or email

Make a Simple Spotted Owl

Simple Spotted Owl
tie a loose knot
roll wool into a tight ball
roll the ball around and form each side equally
gently start stabbing
make sure to always stab towards the foam block
roll and form
gently stab back and forth
add some color
by pulling a piece of wool roving around one side of the ball
run a smooth line
use the needle to stab gently along the edge line to make it sharp and clean
add wool
to make darker if needed
start from the front
roll back and keep stabbing
continue to gently stab
all around to tuck in each loose spot
back and forth
gently stab all around
be careful to move in a pattern back and forth from front to back
from front to back
roll the ball and make sure all is felted and formed
push more wool with needle
into the ball to form and shape
go over each spot
again if needed
run the needle
along the line/edge to make it clean and sharp by gently stabbing along the line/edge of 2 colors
form the ball
roll the ball in-between your hands (like a rolling a meatball) to form the shape
pull 2 equal pieces
of other color and form them with your fingers then place them on and begin stabbing in
form the edges of the eyes
gently stab in
crooked eyes?
you can gently pull the eye off and move it to place it again
use the needle to edge
make a clean edge line
roll between fingers
roll a couple of small pieces of wool between 2 fingers to make 2 small balls
place on the spots
gently stab in
again these can be easily plucked off and moved if you are want to change placement
form the beak, stab on
roll up a small piece of roving and attach
add the beak
stab the edges of the beak onto the ball in place and then stab the beak itself to give it some solidity
run the needle along edge
keep the edge clean
squeeze the ball into shape
tall and thin
squish down
try different shapes to find your favorite
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