Fine Art by Wayta Chanin

In this journey of my life, I continue to find ways to be a creative woman in the world.  Over ten years ago, in autumn, watercolors found me and I embraced their challenges.  In February of 2017, I began dabbling with acrylics and found a very different, though fluid, medium with a tactile way of working with them and a more abstract style of playing with paint.  I have always been attracted to color, the beauty and the bounty of Nature, the play of light and shadow and I find great joy in its expression.  As to the process, sometimes the beginnings can be tentative, rather than bold; the middles become a meditation and the completions, well, I go within to determine a painting's 'doneness'.  I may be with it for some time - does it need more pigment or some other change in making the composition work?  Does it feel balanced and complete? And lastly, when I no longer feel the need to change anything, there is a sense of serenity that says "Finished!".  Past and present chapters of my life include:  Jersey Girl, daughter, sister, friend, mother of two amazing children, chef, caterer, former cafe' owner, gardener, homesteader, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, radio music programmer, student, teacher, traveler, yogini, artist and oh, so much more.  Life is truly a Blessing!  View Chanin's Art on location at Art of the Burl in Miranda CA.